Thursday, May 12, 2005

NFL to meet in two weeks on team move to LA

An excerpt from yesterday's Los Angeles Times:

"The presentations featured a comparative analysis of the competing sites — the Rose Bowl, Carson, Anaheim and the Coliseum — two weeks before NFL owners will meet in Washington in part to discuss the prospects of putting a team in the Los Angeles area. The league is expected to choose a stadium site or narrow the field at the May 24-25 meetings."

In other words, the NFL is moving full speed ahead for a move to Los Angeles. And, as I have stated in previous posts, the Saints are the frontrunners to be the new team in LA. Perhaps there is an outside chance that there WILL be an announcement of a team to move there this month, as NFL commish Paul Tagliabue had previously desired...

Also, in another story of interest from Fox Sports, the next-to-last paragraph in a story on the Saints wooing San Antonio reads as follows:
"On Tuesday, Anaheim officials unveiled plans for a football stadium near the home of the baseball Angels that could house an NFL franchise by 2008. Anaheim is one of four sites in the greater Los Angeles area being considered for an NFL franchise. The others are the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and a proposed stadium in Carson."


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