Friday, May 13, 2005

LA Times: "L.A. could be in store for quite a Saintly presence"

Below are excerpts from today's Los Angeles Times, where sports columnist T.J. Simers opines on the Saints in his story entitled "L.A. Could Be In Store For Quite a Saintly Presence":

"Like it or not, the NFL is on track to finally return, an attorney for the Saints this week saying the team could be on the move next year, already has an offer from someone in L.A., and ask yourself — will you wear a bag over your head?"

"The NFL will return to the Coliseum, a brand-spanking new Coliseum with all the bells and whistles designed to run up the price of tickets."

"WE'RE LOOKING at the Cleveland deal here in L.A., the NFL following the same plan it used to build a new stadium there after the team moved to Baltimore. Cleveland, getting financial help from the NFL, began construction on a new stadium without knowing who would be playing in it. I'm told the new building will have alarms in case the Raiders attempt to move in.

"The Saints remain the favorites — the first time they've been favorites in anything for a long time. They have a 90-day window to leave after the 2005 season, while paying an $81-million penalty, but if they don't go, the team must stay in New Orleans until 2010. Why would anyone want to stay in New Orleans for more than a weekend? 'In my opinion we'll be playing football in the [new] Coliseum in 2008 or 2009 — most likely 2009,' Coliseum GM Pat Lynch said."

Not exactly flattering talk about New Orleans or the Saints, but it's yet another verification of where things are heading.


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