Friday, May 13, 2005

Benson's New Orleans dealership changes name

Word out of New Orleans is that Tom Benson's automobile dealership in the Big Easy has dropped the name "Benson" in a name change. According to WWL, Benson still owns the dealership, however.

It is interesting that Benson would initiate a name change in the midst of talks of a Saints relocation. Is he setting the stage for that move? Have his dealership's sales dipped because of all that has occurred in the public spotlight over the last couple of years? Or is he getting ready to retire, sell the Saints for a cool billion bucks, and move someplace else? The timing is curious.

On another note, the Times-Picayune reports, similarly to what I had posted previously but in far more detail, that San Antonio is not a realistic option for an NFL relocation. New Orleans and San Antonio are similarly situated in terms of population and Fortune 500 companies, as well as stadium situations (two domes needing upgrades).

The NFL is targeting only one city for relocation (and it ain't Albuquerque).


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